Simple Facts Why You NEED a Deadbolt

Keys inserted in door lock close upOne of the most trusted names is the Schlage deadbolt. With a long history of trust performance, they are truly a superior deadbolt company. In addition, they have continually evolved with technology and crime to offer the same peace of mind from their founding until now. Because of this, they offer many benefits over other deadbolt companies.

One of the first benefits is their integration with technology. As keys are becoming easier to forge, and locks are becoming easier to pick, Schlage locks have begun combining different types of technology for true security. The most common is the keypad style of lock. This lock can require a code in addition to the key and ensure that unwanted individuals never gain access to one’s important items or family members.

It is now possible to open certain Schlage locks using one’s smart phone. These locks have completely replaced the keys with a smartphone application. Not only does this avoid break-ins, but also allows for greater ease when carrying groceries, moving heavy items, or just trying to get in and out of one’s home quickly. In addition, every lock is completely personalized, making them truly one of a kind; much to the disappointment of would-be criminals.

Schlage also manufactures anti-pick shields to protect existing deadbolts. This can help protect previous investments, increase the security that any building has installed, and give one a greater peace of mind. These shields are easy to install and difficult for criminals to get around, showing obvious signs of tampering even when they fail to get inside.

There is also an option to install touchscreen deadbolts. These locks are a little more advanced, and this can make them seem a little daunting. Most of them work by using the fingerprints of their owners, meaning that they are completely unique and incredibly hard to break into. They also come with features such as automatic re-locking, the ability to wire directly into an alarm system, and may be able to save the fingerprints of those who would try to break into the home.

These touchscreen deadbolts have the added bonus of being extremely customizable. When updating a home, decorating a storage space, or trying to preserve a certain look within a business, these locks allow for perfect integration. With traditional locks, entrances may clash and not give off the look that is desired.

Overall the Schlage deadbolt offers technological, safety, and visual benefits. Without worrying over the quality of the deadbolt, one can spend more time utilizing their space and relishing their peace of mind. This is another benefit to using a trusted name for one’s security needs.